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Break the Walls Down, Part 2

Title: Break the Walls Down
Paring: ?
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2009
Summary: Continued from here

Justin was rather lost in thought as he climbed the stairs up to his flat. It was a ritual of sorts, allowing his mind to wander for a little while once the day was over. He always felt better, more ready to take on any work once back in his flat, if his mind spent some time focused on inconsequential matters for however short a time it took him to get home. He’d noticed a smell wafting from one of the other flats and was wondering what it was and if he could create something that smelled so delicious for himself to eat, when a figure moving out of the shadows startled him.

“Jesus, Patil,” he said in a hiss, when he saw the figure’s face.

She had the courtesy to look sheepish. “I thought you’d already seen me.”

“I was-” he said, starting to explain his absentmindedness before he changed course. “You remember where I live? From when you were drunk?”

“I wasn’t drunk in the morning,” she said. He was satisfied to see a blush color her cheeks briefly before she straightened up. “I remember plenty of things.”

“Of course,” he replied, wondering if he should ask her to come to the point of stalking around outside of his door. She looked at him expectantly until he finally said. “Er, come in please?”

Padma nodded and followed him into the flat, daintily removing her shoes and going over to sit at his table.

He set down his bag while watching her warily. “Something to drink?”

“Tea, please,” she replied.

Justin didn’t feel any more composed sitting across from her with a cup of tea than he felt when she was emerging from the shadows in the corner. “As much as I enjoy chumming around with you...” he began, letting his voice trail of meaningfully.

“I need a favor,” she said meekly.

Justin didn’t even try to stop the laughter that burst forth at that statement. “That is- funny, Patil.”

“I’m serious,” she said haughtily.

He managed to stop laughing and pull his face into a more serious expression, though he could still feel the corner of his mouth twitching with amusement. “Go on, then.”

“I was wondering,” she began, dropping her eyes to a spot on his table, “if you would- help me out with something-”

“Very descriptive,” he quipped. “Just come out with it. Help you with what?”

“Losing my virginity,” she said, her voice quieter than it had been, but he still heard her quite clearly.

“What?” he sputtered, glad he had swallowed his tea before that little announcement happened. “Are you mad? Why on earth?”

“I’m getting an arranged marriage,” she said, running her finger along the edge of the teacup, “which is fine. I asked my parents for it, because I’ll never have time if I stay serious about my job. They set me up with the son of some of their friends. He’s perfect for me. We’re compatible in all of the ways that matter.”

She paused, and he tried to quickly process what was going on. “So you want me to counsel you about it or something?”

She shook her head. “I lied to him. When we met, I liked him so much. But when we were talking privately, he mentioned that he wanted his wife to be... experienced.”

“Look, Patil, I’m sure he’ll understand if you just-”

“I figured I’d eventually tell him the truth, once we got to know each other better, but he’s started making... comments about how he’s looking forward to- things. I need this marriage to happen, so-” She looked up at him.

“What I don’t understand is how I became the logical choice for this,” Justin told her. “If I’d ever thought about you making a theoretical list of people to sleep with, I wouldn’t have even put myself on the bottom of it. Isn’t this going to ruin your whole- thing?”

“I don’t think you’d tell anyone,” she said, raising her chin as if daring him to defy her. “And if you did, who would believe you?”

She had a point. “Discretion is logical,” he admitted. “But there has to be more to- to sex- than that.”

“I told you I fancied you,” she blurted and made a distasteful face at the memory. “It’s true. That- bit won’t really be a problem. And I know you were with your girlfriend for a long time, so I trust that you’re a gentleman.”

Patil seemed to know a disturbing amount about his life. “This is- insane.”

“Just take five minutes. Don’t say anything, and consider it,” she said.

Justin opened his mouth to protest, then closed it again. Was he really thinking about shagging Patil? She was right; he’d never tell anyone about it. It had been a while since El left. It wasn’t that Patil wasn’t attractive. He knew she was well regarded by the other Healers and their patients. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with it; he’d be helping. And she looked so hopeful watching him think.

“Saturday morning,” he said.

She gave him a questioning look. “Is that when you’ll decide?”

He shook his head. “I’ve decided. I’ll do it. Saturday morning. Here.”

Patil nodded and rose from the table. “Thank you.”

Justin barely heard her leave and sat at the table until long after his tea went cold, his mind a flurry of thoughts.


Her knock was punctual, right as his clock hit nine. Justin vaguely wondered if she’d been standing outside for the last five minutes, waiting for the exact time to arrive. He’d certainly been sitting at the table with his eye on the door for at least that long. He automatically rose to open the door. Why had he agreed to this?

His breath caught in his throat when he slowly opened the door for her. He wasn’t entirely sure why he had pictured her showing up dressed in her work clothes, but the sight of her in a simple, flattering sundress pushed all of his misgivings straight out of mind.

“Good morning,” he said politely, stepping back to let her in. He saw her giving him an appreciative appraisal. No, he was definitely not going to need to worry about being able to perform this morning.

“Good morning,” she replied, but as soon as he had reached over to bolt the door, she pulled him down by his shirt to kiss him soundly. Some reply that he promptly forgot slipped into her mouth. This was going better than he had dared to hope. No awkward small talk, no awkward transition into physical activities. He caught a strange taste on her when she pressed her tongue against his and pulled back slightly.

“Patil, are you drunk? Because I don’t think I can-” he said.

“I had one glass of wine,” she replied.

“At eight in the morning?” he asked, smirking a bit.

“I needed to relax a bit. I’m perfectly sober,” she said and pulled him in for another kiss. He decided to believe her.

Her hands reached under his shirt just as he started to feel a little too flushed from the intensity of the kissing, and he took the opportunity to hastily unbutton it. He heard one fall and hit the floor as he pulled the shirt off. Apparently he missed one somewhere. At the next break in the kissing, he slid a hand down her arm and took her hand to lead her back to his room and to his bed to fulfill his promise.


His favourite part - after the sex, of course - was always the pillow talk. Satisfied, naked, limbs still entwined, it was like all the walls between them didn’t exist. Once they were dressed again, they were them. Healers Patil and Finch-Fletchley. And there wasn’t ever time before for talking. Patil’s greetings were still quite as intense as the first.

Post-coitally, however, he was Fletch and she was Tilly, and they talked about everything. The first time it had happened, he had worried that he’d said too much, given her too much ammunition against him in their ongoing war. But the illusion had ended so abruptly that he hadn’t given it thought again. He felt like two completely different people: one who was friends (and quite a bit more) with Patil and one who was her mortal enemy. It should’ve been confusing, but for some reason, it wasn’t.

“I won’t be doing this anymore,” she announced one evening as she fastened her bra.

“Hmm?” he asked as he tightened his belt.

“You’ve been quite a sufficient teacher,” she told him. It was always fascinating to watch her mannerisms change along with her state of dress. Her tone had gone completely formal as her jumper had gone over her head. “I’m going to seduce my fiancé.”

Justin nodded, having pulled his shirt on as well. “Good luck. He’ll be impressed.”

“I know,” she said, and he couldn’t help thinking that Tilly would’ve smiled and kissed him for the same statement. He was always a bit slower than Patil at changing character. She left, and he sat down at the table to finish up his reports for the evening.

It was harder than he had expected to adjust to Patil’s absence from his flat. He frequently imagined her knocking at his door, and several times he’d almost gone up to say something friendly at work. He always caught himself just in time. It took him two weeks to stop expecting her to show up at every minute, and then, it was quite a surprise when he felt himself being jostled around in the middle of the night. Justin kept his eyes closed, confused and startled, as someone wiggled into bed beside him and pulled his arm over her waist.

“Patil?” he asked, despite the fact that he knew it was her. He knew every inch of her.

“Just go back to sleep,” she said, and her voice sounded wrong somehow.

He opened his eyes and could see tear tracks on her cheeks. “What’s wrong?”

“I slept with Tarun,” she said. “It was horrible. He wasn’t gentle- he didn’t touch me at all- All this time I was worried about being good enough for him, but he’s not good enough for me-” Her voice broke at the end and fresh tears traced their way down her cheeks.

“It takes some time, you know, for people to get used to each other’s preferences,” Justin said, trying to be objective. There was a part of him that wanted desperately to go beat the shit out of this Tarun character, but that wasn’t the part of him that had clothed conversations with Patil.

She shook her head. “I realised something while I was with him.”

“What’s that?” he asked.

“He was just lying there with this stupid grin when it was over, when you would’ve been touching me and holding me and telling me all about yourself. And I realised that you love me more than he does,” she said.

He tensed. “I don’t-”

She touched his cheek. “Fletch does.”

He looked at her for a long time, confused by the process of this conversation. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“I don’t want to be two people anymore,” she said. “You know me, the real me, and you love me. I can tell. I could tell the minute I tried to be with Tarun. I want you and only you.”

“This will change everything,” he said. “Can you handle that?”

She nodded. “I’m pretty sure that as a team we’ll be twice as deadly as we were on our own.”

“You’re serious about this,” he said, surprised that she seemed to have thought it all through.

She leaned him to kiss him, and he gladly kissed back, feeling the disjointedness of having a Fletch conversation with her in bed while being a fully-clothed Finch-Fletchley fade away.

“I did miss you,” he confessed.

She grinned, climbed onto his lap, and banished that feeling as well.


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